Expectation Vs. Reality

Do not dispute, I LOVED this day… But welcome to my life, the life of the unlucky when everything that can go wrong, absolutely will in the best possible way.

So 1:45AM, my eyes dart open to the sound of my alarm, and even more alarming sound, the sound of a torrential rainforest shower (obviously I’m staying in the middle of the rainforest), after panicking for all of 20 minutes about whether it was okay to hike, I met my crazy driver (when I say crazy, they were absolutely nuts). Being in the car, I was quickly comfortable with these two guys, despite their lack of hiking experience, the fact that one of them smoked whilst trekking up volcano and the other looked knocked out, half way through… also they forgot flash lights, but they were lovely balinese guys who wanted to help me get immersed in their culture.

Skip forward to the promised sunrise after 2 and a half hours of trekking… absolutely nothing, I could see cloud, if i looked to my right… some more clouds; if i looked to my left… some more clouds. As well as those promised eggs, well the guys looked at my tired, sweaty, hungry self and said “scrambled”. The guys did their best to find me warmth from the volcano and gave me wifi so I could at least video the amazing view… of being inside a grey cloud.


I kept my sense of adventure and continued, only to be greeted with hundreds of beautiful, friendly (when fed, so just like me) monkeys. We fed, played and took photos. A baby eventually came to me whilst I was sitting on a rock and tried to cuddle up to my breasts, hey little one, the grey jumper and boob cushion doesn’t mean I am a monkey…


Then “my guides” disappeared, only to be found hunting for caves… so of course I feel I hit the jackpot with these guys. They taught me how to pray in Hindi (because guess what, makeshift temple cave) and I learnt that woman aren’t allowed to enter temples when their on their period, so watch out when travelling ladies!


18698192_10212274207066726_6618096680138328439_n (1).jpg

Don’t miss out on attending the natural hot springs after your descent, which is the way it works with a lot of tours. The views are absolutely spectacular and if you have the best guides, who I felt were my new brothers, photographers, uncles, friends, by the end of the day, they might just treat you to a typical Balinese dish, Nila fish cooked spicy and Balinese style!



I would highly recommend the tour I used was Mount Batur Bali


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