Solo in Ibiza

A lot of people refer to me as crazy, but when any opportunity arises, no matter what it is, I will make it my mission. This was my new mission, Ibiza; whilst it may not see like a huge extraordinary adventure, many people regarded me as crazy for heading of to this Island party paradise alone; mainly for the word “party” and I guess you can’t party alone, but why would you party alone? There’s 7 billion people in this world.


The main question you should ask yourself is “where should I stay?”, assuming you want to enjoy the Island as much as you possibly can, I would recommend making the opposite decision to what I made and DO NOT stay in Ibiza town or Eivissa, you want to stay in San Antonio because that’s the heart of the island, the easy access (to many things, I guess… and say with an open mind); however, all I really mean is that it is where all the people are, and that’s exactly what you need, other humans. Despite the beautiful food in Eivissa, if you are alone (like I was) there’s only so much couples you can look at, despite thinking the old ones are cute, you’re young, you shouldn’t be thinking about old couples!


The place I met people, the people who I spent time with, ate dinner with (when I wasn’t alone watching couples), was when I got the boat over to Cala Bassa, Cala Bassa was recommended to me by someone at work and he felt so passionate that this was the place to be that I decided to check it out, he didn’t disappoint. Arriving in to Cala Bassa port (well cliff) is breathtaking, you are greeted by the inviting clear blue Mediterranean waters and a rock formation so picturesque that it could be photoshopped. Due to me staying in Eivissa, reaching Cala Bassa was definitely not an easy journey, but nothing is impossible (despite what my hotel said…) I walked, I bussed and boated my way across the Island. Bearing in mind that it is slightly difficult to get around Spain with your Spanish limited to “hola, que tal?” or “cerveza”, it was always going to be an adventure, but It was worth it when I made it (along with my new friends I met on the way).



If I’m being completely honest, the biggest downfall of going to Ibiza alone is that to order paella, you need a minimum of 2 persons, so you shouldn’t underestimate my happiness when I met someone to share this with (alongside the litre of Sangria).




Partying alone is actually a lot more simple than it seems, it’s a state of mind thinking you shouldn’t arrive at a club alone, because irregardless of who you come with, drinking and dancing are the easiest forms of communication when added together, so don’t expect to be alone for more than 30 minutes with a drink in your hand if you visit one of the many famous clubs, and if you don’t, screw it! It’s still worth it!


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