It begun with a love affair…

A few months ago, my mouth embarked on a journey that will most definitely last a life time. I am referring to my love affair with Ales, with begun on a beautiful (ice cold, probably raining) night in Scotland. I had tasted ales before, but they had never been so bitter before I’d been in Edinburgh.

Jokes aside, Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities, the streets are incredible beautiful and all old style (mostly uphill, but we aren’t talking about the leg workouts) the atmosphere of the town is peaceful, the views of the blue lit Edinburgh Castle as your vision is slightly impaired due to the double IPAs are impeccable.

Theres just a few things that are completely unmissable:

Brew Dog – Despite brew dog being in London as well as Scotland, the one near the cow gate remains my absolute favourite, mainly due to the beautiful staff (inside and out) and, as with all Brew Dogs, we had an exciting night playing Cards Against Humanity.


Arthur’s Seat – Of course, what a cliche. As with a lot I did in Edinburgh, it was all cliched. However, this is something that cannot be missed in a visit, the scenes are picturesque and you actually need the exercise to fight the cold in Scotland.


Royal Mile Market – Anyone who knows me, knows that markets are one of my favourite things, in any country, any theme, any stock. However, Royal Mile Market, which of course is on the Royal Mile is a beautiful market in Edinburgh; decorated in fairy lights and a slight darkness, its filled with Scottish food, craft jewellery and some vintage clothes.



If you’re from London, Scotland is so easily accessible and cheap, and there’s so many things not to be missed out on, these are just a few.


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