The Importance of Travel

Travelling for me isn’t all about sightseeing and activities, it’s about feeling exhilarated and a need to be constantly moving and proactive. Experiencing new cultures and venturing into the unknown, something that is potentially scary pushes me to exhibit my most worthy personality traits, the same for a lot of you.

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Stepping outside your comfort zone, whether it be something big or small is what makes us grow as people and despite the unfortunate fact I stopped my external growth at around the age of 12, I’m constantly pushing myself to grow internally and travelling is what enables me to do so; although taking the perfect pictures, seeing the sun and eating exotic foods gives me a thrill, actually the ideology behind trying new things and experiencing something new is what makes my heart-rate increase and my hairs stick up.


If at anytime you are stuck in a rut, feeling depressed, feeling worthless, negative… travel. It’s the best advice I can give because I’ve been there, experiencing absolutely nothing, despite my ambitions so high, I was constantly disappointing day in, day out… by staying in the same situation  for an extended period of time; my mind just doesn’t work like this. The exact moment I step on to a flight, I know there’s something better out there for me, I know that I’m going to meet people who inspire me, who challenge me, and they aren’t inside of us, but they are outside, outside of our comfort zones.


Being challenged is part of life, sometimes we feel that life is fighting us, when it’s a rainy Monday morning, everything has gone wrong and we get caught in a hypothetical well in life, we need to keep moving forward so fight life back, even if your smile is fake to begin with, it’s contagious and slowly the fake smile will be a distant memory and be real instead.


As the famous quote by Saint Augustine of Hippo says:

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

So never feel ashamed of moving forward and loving yourself.



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