(Not so) Holiest place on Earth


I’ve never considered myself an overly-religious person, contrary to my beliefs, walking in to this church, instantly I felt like I was in the presence of a higher being… something that consumes my body and my soul. That’s right, I’m talking about beer; Dutch beer to be more precise.

I always like to go off the beaten path when I’m travelling and after some research, I found a place that made the hairs on my body stick up with excitement. Jopenkerk has three taprooms in the Netherlands, one of which is located in the heart (and soul) of Haarlem and very soon became one of my favourite places in Holland.


Heineken is many peoples chosen brewery experience for Amsterdam, however, after reading many reviews and being slightly biased due to not being overly fond of Heineken to begin with, I decided to take the road less travelled by and visit Jopenkerk taproom, and I made the right choice… a lot less crowded and a million times more cool, it reminded me a little of the chain of Brew Dog pubs in the U.K with their staff, beer choices and similar craft in taste. Although, contrasting to brewdog, this one had huge brewing drums, making for the perfect pictures.


The beer itself, unfortunately I only had time to try two, of course my first choice was the IPA, and alike brewdog, it was infused with grapefruit which is actually something that I love with beer because I feel it complements the IPA taste beautifully, so obviously I was very happy. I also tried the triple, which was quite strong, however, the flavour was less bitter.

Regardless to say, I would highly recommend visiting one of jopenkerk’s taprooms if you are as excited about beer as I am, they also have tasting sessions (which I missed sadly, but there’s always a next time)!


Gedempte Voldersgracht 2, Haarlem

023 – 533 41 14


 If anyone knows of any other cool bars or breweries around the world, please let me know and I’ll add them to my list!

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