Go it alone!

Travelling alone, what can I say? I think this is the most exciting, fulfilling and compelling experience anyone can have. It shapes people. Personally, solo travel is my favourite kind, recently, the majority of my trips have been solo.

I thought I’d offer a little insight for first-timers. Most recently I travelled alone to Amsterdam but it made me realise how social the world is, and how it’s absurd that I’ve ever felt alone in my life.

Exploring the streets of Amsterdam


The first is CAFFEINE, and lots of it, this should come as no surprise from me, as it is part of my everyday routine, however, If caffeine isn’t part of your diet, then why don’t you make your own, by listening to loud music or something a little more exciting than a Sunday playlist.

Talk to staff, as I walked on to the station at Schipol, I was instantly greeted by friendly staff which was a huge weight off of my shoulders because he spoke perfect Dutch, something I obviously do not, and helped me find where I was going. This also works if you need a friend In a coffee shop (one that only serves coffee)

If you need help, just ask. This seems simple enough, although this is something first time travellers struggle with because alongside trying to be confident, humans are often over confident and see asking for help as a weakness. In reality, asking for help is such a good quality, proving that you are aware of your surroundings.

HOSTELS. Whether you can afford to stay in hotels or not, hostels are a fantastic way to meet people, if you have plans for the day, turn to the solo traveller in your room (because trust me there will be at least one) and ask them… boom! Loneliness over.

Be careful with how much you drink, anything can happen when there’s no one looking out for you.

And Haarlem

In all seriousness, personally I prefer travelling solo because you are hardly ever alone, and you do what you want and think how you want without having to consider the person you are travelling with. It has made me the person I am today.

And Moco Museum

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