Life’s A Beautiful Beach

White sandy beaches, idyllic sunsets and gnawing at delicious pineapple whilst dipping your toes in the clear blue Indian Ocean. Mauritius tops the majority of humanities’ bucket lists and although what once was a exclusive honey moon destination, is now explored by a vast variety of travellers. With Island blood running through my veins and Mauritian Sega bursting from my hips, I am at an advantage when it comes to this paradise.

Flic En Flac – With many high end hotels spread along the shore of Flic En Flac, there is no doubt that this beach which is situated in the East, is incredible and a family favourite as It isn’t over crowded with tourists like in the north of the Island. However, if you want to stay close by, snag yourself a beautiful villa (usually with a private pool) and working out a lot cheaper than a high end hotel.

Tamarin Bay – Surfers paradise. If you are anything like me (completely head over hills obsessed with south african accents) then look no further than Tamarin Bay, situated close to the Black River, in Tamarin, their is two surfing spots with ‘Dal’ to the left and ‘Black Stone’ on the left. For animal lovers, this is also where dolphins are found and I had the fortune of swimming with about 50 of them in the wild after jumping off the back of a boat.


Grand Baie – Things you will find in Grand Baie include: lobster looking westerners. Rightly so, this small beach is full of tourists. However, if you catch the right angle, this is an island paradise beach that cannot be missed on a trip to Mauritius. 

Blue Ba – Close to the airport, we have blue bay, named appropriately as with the naked eye this is crystal blue water. Although many glass bottom boats are offered, I wouldn’t advise taking one unless you want to be sad because above the surface of the ocean, this beach is alive, however, the beautiful, vibrant, colourful coral that once was spread along the floor of the bay, is now either sick or dead; highlighting one of the world’s biggest marine crisis’ and something that touces my heart very strongly.


Nevertheless, if you get the chance to visit all beaches spead across the indescribable Mauritian coast then get on a plane now.

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