Berlin Exposed

When I replay the thoughts of Berlin in my head, I’m filled with the nostalgia of walking under a dark bridge beside Alexanderplatz, watching three homeless white men, tatted up, dreads in, playing a bongo, and singing in German inside of their dirty sleeping bags; my two guy friends and me were amazed that in this city, rightly referred to as alternative, even the homeless were cooler than us. It is inviting that there is a place out there that makes you feel (well, makes me feel) like you can be whoever you want, dress how ever you want, act how ever you want and not be judged. For anyone who is feeling uncomfortable in their skin, go to Berlin for a huge confidence boost.

As for the people in Berlin, like every other city in the world, many aren’t Berliners, the people who I bonded with came from all sorts of places… Denmark, Amsterdam, England, Italy. However, the common denominator is that they are searching for somewhere they can be accepted because they aren’t conformed to their own societies.

The culture of Berlin is similar to that of Amsterdam in my opinion, lacking the legal right of cannabis doesn’t stop the inhabitants and tourists of Berlin and alongside the rest of Europe, smoking in bars is legal and therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re leaving a bar or club smelling like you’ve been to Amsterdam. But don’t be discouraged by this, it is part of the fun.

Germany is home to my favourite pilsners, so do me (and yourself of course) and go to the closest pub and get a Maß (one litre glass of beer), or if it is sunny, to the local supermarket and the park…

If you are travelling to Berlin alone, then I wouldn’t be worried, you won’t be alone for long. Get a good hostel (ONE80 degrees, Alexanderplatz, I recommend highly. The location, price and people are incredible, go on a pub crawl and you will find friends for your trip and friends to visit the many outrageous parties.



With the world at your feet, anything is possible.

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