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Underground Scenes Of Berlin

My darling city Berlin, after returning twice to this haven, I have come to see it as an escape. An escape from structure (despite German stereotypes), an escape from reality, an escape from London and all the stress and narrow minded suits that walk in parallel. To many, Berlin is a historical city, filled with culture, currywursts and many Maß and regardless of all the beer chugged, currywursts destroyed and museums visited; to me, Berlin is a place where everyone can be themselves, fetish, nakedness, sexuality included. Don’t be discouraged, but Berlin is not for the fainthearted.

I have a short list of three places that aren’t to be missed in Berlin:
Once a spy camp built overlooking an empty Nazi college during the cold war. Now, a canvas for art, underground scenes and somewhere to spend your day drinking Berliner’s and smoking on a rooftop overlooking the city. Teufelsberg is not on most tourists itinerary when spending time in Berlin, however, it should be on yours if you’re looking for something different or a new canvas for yourself.
Need to know information is that it is slightly hard to get to, we took a taxi and then walked up the (man-made) hill. You pay £8 to get in and the “office”(said very loosely) shuts at 7PM, but actually you can continue walking round all night, even sleeping here if you wish. 
Madame Claude
madame claude(Not an original photo)

If visiting a brothel is on your bucket list, but the indiscretions are not, then this former brothel, now underground scene bar is for you. Upon descent, you are greeted with upside-down furniture stuck to the ceilings, and a chill vibe. Don’t be discouraged by the tiles on the wall or the torn up sofa’s, the vibe of this bar is worth it just to sink into the laid-back atmosphere, good beer and company.

Things to note are that the entrance fee is between €1-6 (your choice) and they do not accept card at all. The closest U-bahn is Schlesisches Tor.

For obvious reasons that will follow, there aren’t pictures of Kitkat Club…
If dressing up (or down) in a leather collar and lead is something you like to do, this is the place for you. My only advice is to enter this, or any club in Berlin with an open mind because if you embrace this sexual culture, it will treat you so well (even if you don’t want to get involved, like me). The party scene is Berlin is not limited to Berghain, the friendly staff in Kitkat make you feel welcome from the get-go and this is not a place to be missed.
Kitkat is a short walk from Alexanderplatz and is €10 to enter, they do not accept card and please tip the bar staff when you buy a drink.  
Actually, tipping is huge in Berlin, everyone will be so happy if you too just a little after each purchase (even tip the taxi driver if you get the chance, Germans are easy to please). 

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